Streaming Jef Miles “Spirits” (ft. Bodhi Jones)

jef-miles-spirits-artThe genetic fabric of your new favorite duo, Jef Miles, consists of two hearty, well-raised, tax-paying, strapping young Canadians: Jeffrey David Harris and Myles Power. Born and raised as small-town boys from the country, both decided to put away the rake and shovel, and move to the downtown core of Vancouver, Canada.

Jef Miles’ Spirits is the next move in progressive house. It ups the ante with completely unique sound design along with soulful vocals by the youthful voice of Bodhi Jones. Inspired by deep connections we have with each other and with nature, Spirits celebrates the feeling of togetherness, but also conveys mystique: that there’s something beyond. If you listen carefully, you just might hear the spirits calling out for you.

Jef Miles is supported by Tiësto through his “ClubLife” radio show, featuring Jef Miles’ Club Smash Remix of Drake’s Hotline Bling, specifically on episode 453. Recently, Austin Kramer, global head of dance/electronic music at Spotify, reposted Hana Kuna and Lights for “Fresh Electronic” playlist, and Lights for “electro NOW” playlist. Liquid Todd has also supported Jef Miles by featuring Hana Kuna on SiriusXM BPM’s “#betaBPM” radio show.

Find their music on Spotify and Apple Music under “Jef Miles”. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and Instagram under “JefMilesMusic”.


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