Popstar NABIHA Returns With New Single “Young,” Out Today

nabihaWith eight hit singles to date, Scandinavian popstar NABIHA has created a name for herself as a brilliant writer and performer across Europe with a reputation as a surefire star on the world stage. Multi-platinum sales, nominated for more than 14 music awards including four Danish Music Awards, 33 chart placings, and an ongoing stint as a Denmark’s Got Talent Judge, show the impact NABIHA has had in her short career so far.

Continuing her quick ascent, NABIHA has now released a brand new single aptly titled “Young.” An unmistakeable dance-pop record, “Young” sees NABIHA put her powerhouse vocal set on full display on the upbeat ballad. A concoction of dance-floor fueling synth and unforgettable lyrics, “Young” is a narrative created by NABIHA about those intoxicating first moments with a new love:

“‘Young’ is about looking back at the moment you first fell in love. Recalling every minute, and every image, encompassing that euphoric feeling. I wanted to write a song inspired by my own experience with love, imagining how it will be like years from now, reminiscing about the beginning of the butterflies. I wanted to put that desire, hope, and innocence into a song, to remind me of new love.”

If unfamiliar with NABIHA before “Young,” you may have already been unknowingly acquainted with her music thanks to one of her more than 50 worldwide syncs in tv and film including Love and Hip Hop, Sex and The City 2, Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, and many more. She has also been seated at the top of the national airplay charts multiple times, both in Scandinavia and abroad, as well as a top spot on the Billboard Dance chart and the UK Urban Chart. “Young” most recently follows her 2016 year end video for “My Truth,” which is a track that will be featured on her forthcoming full-length project.

NABIHA’s songs are inspired by her colorful upbringing in Copenhagen and her West African roots. This blend of influences and styles makes her a unique proposition in the pop, urban, and electronic landscape. “I love to mix genres,” explains NABIHA. “The collision of different genres and musical worlds really excites me.” With her fans and the media waiting to see what NABIHA does next, this popstar is brilliantly placed to continue rising in 2017.


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