EONS shares “See You Soon”

eonsThe Miami based Synth popers are back with a dreamy, upbeat song. “See You Soon” is a somewhat nostalgic track, with lyrics talking about retaking or rekindling a companionship that separated. The song also features the voice of Ariel Morer, who recently joined the band as part of their live act.

“The feeling I get from the song is of those times when you are apart from someone and you have this determination to see them or be with them again… And when you come together you get this sad and happy feeling at the same time. Being apart from someone puts in perspective how much they mean to you.” – Johnny D

EONS are a lush synth/dream-pop group. Their high energy live shows have complimented nicely opening up for national acts such as Capital cities, Holy Ghost, Cut Copy, Brazilian girls, among others. During 2016 they played numerous shows including special performances at III Points Festival and various Art Basel showcases.

Having released several singles and an EP called Serene Machine, the band is currently hard at work on their debut album, to be expected at some point of 2017. Their music is available on iTunes, Spotify & Soundcloud.

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