The Girl Folder – ‘I’m Not Talking About Love Anymore’ Single & Video

the-girl-folderNothing says summer like a harmony driven, catchy pop song and The Girl Folder’s latest release, ‘I’m Not Talking About Love Again’ is destined to become a favourite.

An epic, guitar driven pop song with synth lines from an 80s Korg Microkorg, and layers of vocal harmonies, ‘I’m Not Talking About Love Again’ is a live favourite at The Girl Folder’s gigs with a sing-a-long chorus of “I’m not talking about love again, because love blows my mind”.

“We love playing this live. It connects us to the audience more than any other track we have. There is always people singing along. Even if it’s the first time you have heard the song, it has that special quality of climbing into your mind and staying there. The term ear worm was made for this track!” says the band about the track.

The Girl Folder started with singer songwriter Matthew West relocating to Newcastle, NSW. Originally from London, Matthew gained extensive airplay on alternative London radio stations XFM (now Radio X) and Total Rock radio with his band Mobster, who also got the coveted ‘Single of the Week’ from Record Collector magazine. After relocating, he then proceeded to start an open mic night for two reasons: one, to showcase his songs, and two, to meet musicians.

A year later, The Girl Folder was born. Plundering time and space for musical meaning, The Girl Folder create original, lyrical and above all melodic songs:
“Theres melody in everything we do. It’s the only rule, well unwritten rule that we have as a band. Anything goes as long as it works, but it has to be melodic.”

‘I’m Not Talking About Love Again’ was written, recorded produced and mixed by Matthew West and The Girl Folder at the bands studio, Sonic Mountain Studio in Newcastle, NSW. Written in 2015 and recorded June 2016.



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