Trouze Shows Off Global Influences & Versatility w/ New Single “Intersection”

trouzeInternational charting dj/producer group Trouze is returning to the spotlight with their newest original, “Intersection” out now for streaming and purchase.

The appropriately-titled single features a fusion of styles drawn from the group members’ varying cultural and geographical influences. Jovany from New Orleans, Tat from Singapore, and Declan from London – the trio focus on making memorable melodies and stunning toplines; both of which are on full display throughout “Intersection.” When asked about the forthcoming single, Trouze said this, “The track is inspired by the feelings when summer draws to a close and when you look back at the magical moments of the past couple of months. It could be a place, a person, an experience. As you reminisce, you know that you have to leave it behind, as much as you don’t want to.”

Trouze is an LA/Singapore electronic trio who seamlessly combines powerful live vocals and production across a range of electronic music genres. They are Tat (Trouze’s instrumentalist + chart-topping producer), Declan (Trouze’s DJ-producer + award winning entrepreneur) and Jovany (Trouze’s singer-songwriter + American Idol finalist). As songwriters and producers, the members of Trouze have amassed 21 #1 hits, 60+ Top 20 hits in 55 countries, working with the likes of Magic!, Santana, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Project 46, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Troye Sivan, Jeremih, Jason Derulo, and more.

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