Album Review: Coco Morier “Dreamer” (Indie/Rock/Synth)

coco-morier-dreamerBy Michael Smith – 3.5/5 Dragons
From September 2016 Vandala Magazine

Euro style indie pop with heavy synth influence, and done the right way. The tracks on this release inspire a playful cheery attitude that have dream backing. To put a visual sense to this album, one can imagine a light sunshine shower, on an overcast day with the rays of the still blistering through the sky. A young girl joyously strutting down the sidewalk of a Paris (or London) suburb. Drops of rain spinning of the her vinyl umbrella and raincoat. There is a carefree attitude throughout this entire album that is infectious and nearly impossible to not make listeners crack a smile, this pairs seamlessly with the breathy voice of Nicole “Coco” Morier. By and by, Dreamer is a well made synthpop album that is a lot of fun and deserve to be heard by the masses.

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