The Harlots – ‘Umma Gumma’ Single – LISTEN HERE

Umma GummaThe Harlots are a six-piece rock, pop and soul outfit from Melbourne that have spent the last half a decade filling dance floors across Australia. Blending overdriven guitars, dreamy keyboards and a tight-as-fuck rhythm section that grabs you by the lapels and un-tucks your shirt, the band is known for honest, story-telling lyrics that always hit close to home.

The band’s EPs, The Harlots (2011) and Course Tunes; Parts 1 and 2 (2013) have been met with much critical acclaim, leading to a string of sellout Melbourne shows, international supports (The Charlatans, Surfer Blood, The Commitments) and festival appearances (Kennedy’s Creek, Queenscliff, Gum Ball, Hills Are Alive, Cherry Rock and Festival of the Sun).

‘Umma Gumma’ was recorded by Richard Bowers (drummer/engineer for Magic Bones) at Soundpark studios in Northcote, Melbourne. The track was recorded live and onto to reel to reel tape, giving song a more raw and honest sound.

The band says on the creation of the track, “In the weeks before we wrote it, we’d been working on a few quieter, more complicated tracks that were taking ages to come together. We decided to put them aside for a bit and work on something else and when Umma Gumma was brought to the table, I think we must have channeled our frustration somehow because we ended up smashing out a far more aggressive, fun, upbeat version than what was intended. Only took a rehearsal or two as well. It was originally called ‘Heartbreaker’ but because of the complete lack of diction in the chorus line, “I’m gonna leave ya,” we decided ‘Umma Gumma’ was appropriate. “

‘Umma Gumma’ is about when you know a relationship isn’t working and you’ve got to get out of it but you haven’t done it yet, like you’re preparing for it. The fast, frenetic nature of the song, when put with the lyrics gives it a kind of desperate feel.

The band has a national tour in October/November to coincide with the release of their debut album.

“Umma Gumma” by THE HARLOTS will be released 1st of September 2016.


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