Stalgia – “In The Trees (Andrew Luce Remix)” Out Now!

STALGIAStalgia makes music as tactile as it is sonic. In a rare expression of dark thoughts and light desires, it’s insightful, but familiar, like the sound of your own heart beating. You recognize it for what it is… a snapshot of the human condition put on paper, sung out loud and translated into chords.

Rebellious and constantly searching for ways to break away, singing and writing poetry became Lauren Day’s personal loudspeaker and connection to the outside world. As a shy, bullied kid growing up, Brandon Leslie also found catharsis though writing music and performing. A pastor’s daughter and a hardcore kid might sound like opposites on paper, but in the case of Stalgia, Lauren and Brandon are the perfect representation of unlikely childhood friends turned creative foils.

Together, their sound is the perfect marriage of R&B emotion meets hypnosis. Stalgia makes the kind of music you play at full volume in your headphones so it fuses with your body and demands you feel everything, all at once, whether you want to or not.

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