Fit For a King Are “Pissed Off” — LISTEN

fit for a kingFit For a King have shared the first song from their upcoming album Deathgrip, out October 7 via Solid State. Listen to “Pissed Off” here.

The powerful song was inspired by the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, as the band had been scheduled to perform there around the time of the tragedy. The song portrays the band’s immediate emotional response to the incident.

“The lyrics were written while we were playing Paris four nights after the attack on the Bataclan,” said lead vocalist Ryan Kirby about “Pissed Off.” He continued, “Seeing the way fear had torn apart a beautiful city that I had always dreamed of visiting really pissed me off. This song is a strong message about being absolutely fed up with all the violence and killing in the world and that our best way to fight this terror is to not live in fear.”

Overall, Deathgrip is a record that represents not only the inescapable nature of death, but its grip over how we all live our lives. “Pissed Off” encompasses all of those feels.


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