Bizzythowed Premieres New Track ‘Smoking Weed’ from ‘Blank Check, Volume2’

bizzythowedUrban hardrocker, Bizzythowed, releases his new track, “Smoking Weed” from his latest EP, Blank Check, Volume2, due out August 19th. Recorded in Houston, TX, Blank Check, Volume I is the debut full-length from the Texas-based writer/producer. Bizzythowed has worked alongside some of the music industry’s biggest names, including The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj and Fabolous.

Bizzythowed says about the song: “‘Smoking Weed’ is a song about… You guessed it Smoking Weed!! That sweet sticky icky… its a reference about 2016 smoking where weed is more legal,accessible and more potent than ever!! from blunts to dabs to a good ol bong and vaping. Its a song to rally and gather all the smokers to enjoy themselves and to spread the word that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon so you better get in line and enjoy it while we can. “

Originally from Houston and inspired by hip-hop artists and metal acts alike, Bizzythowed took to the guitar as a teen and was admitted to Boston’s Berklee School of Music with a major in guitar performance. He would later finish his education in audio engineering in Miami, where he co-founded the band Purple Popcorn and established Mean Stringz Entertainment. Through lending production insight to artists and studios throughout Miami, Bizzythowed managed to secure late night appearances as a guitarist on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Regis and Kelly.

Since then, Bizzythowed has provided instrumentation and arrangements for some of pop and hip-hop’s best-known stars, including Pitbull, French Montana and MIMS. Blank Check, Volume I will serve to carve out Bizzythowed’s place not just behind the soundboard, but also as a musician in his own right.



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