Sister Act Duelle Premiere Video/Single ‘Want It All

DuelleSister-duo Duelle delivers their energy-driven single “Want It All” via Trap Nation – the lead single off their upcoming genre-bending Paragon EP that has already garnered over 200,000 plays since Friday’s Trap Nation premiere.

In a moment’s notice, “Want It All” creates a powerful and enigmatic atmosphere that demands and grasps your attention until you find yourself craving it. Alongside Danielle’s and Gabrielle’s luscious production and vocals is a music video that further brings their ideas to life.

After director and producer Sam King attended Duelle’s Las Vegas performance and witnessed firsthand how dedicated their fans are, he immediately knew he had to work with the sister act. The result is a powerful video that features cult-like and ritualistic imagery as hardcore fans initiate themselves into the #dmndmob by getting the words tattooed on themselves – a testament that encapsulates their love and devotion to Duelle. Below, Duelle speaks on what inspired “Want It All” and what it means to them,

“We were feeling the reggaeton vibes and brought that into a big, epic trap drop with a dark, party anthem feel. The lyrics reflect being lit with your squad and just living in the moment (“not worried about the fall right now”) and who doesn’t want it all and want to accomplish as much as possible in this life … The lyrics are so universal and speak to all the dreamers out there”

An idea that echoes from start to end.

Catch Duelle Live On These Dates:

July 21st // Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom // Denver, CO
July 28th // SKY SLC // Salt Lake City, UT
August 10th // LUSH // San Antonio, TX
August 13th // Paddy O’s // St. Louis, MO
August 13th // The Riot Room (After Party) // Kansas City, MO
September 9th // Dancefestopia Music Festival // Kansas City, MO

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