Fable Cry Release Horror Style Video “Dead or Alive (For Now)” From New Album + Album Stream

FableCry-(1)Theatrical scamp rock group Fable Cry recently released their sophomore album, We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are

Recently the band also dropped a spectacular video, “Dead or Alive (For Now),” from their latest album. “If it’s originality you want, you can count on them to be there with bells on. Delivering a raucous live experience, it’s no wonder Fable Cry is gaining the affection and attention of a growing number of loyal fans and listeners” (In Case of Fire, Use Stairs).

Originally founded by Zach Ferrin (vocals/guitar/accordion) and his sister in 2010 who, together mastered guitar, violin, drums, accordion, glockenspiel, kazoo, banjo, ukulele, and cello, Fable Cry released their first full-length self-titled album in 2011. The band grew over the past several years to include members to play the aforementioned instruments: Jo Cleary (violin/vocals), Scott Fernandez (bass), Rachel Gerlach (drums).  Together, they bonded over a love of the imaginative, theatrical, comical and whimsical creativity of Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin and Tim Burton. Donning  a wide range of musical influences, including Danny Elfman, Foxy Shazam, Muse, Tom Waits and Queen, Fable Cry showcase their eclectic inspirations on their  second full-length album.

The band  is set to perform throughout 2016 with plans to head back into the studio in the Fall.  With the release of the album, The Deli Magazine warns “[Fable Cry] might suck you down the rabbit hole into their other material.”

For More Information: Website // Facebook // Twitter


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