Premiering the Single “Bluffing” by THE ATTICS

The-Attics---Bluffing---Promo-Shot-3The Attics release their new single “Bluffing” – a bright yet hazy picture of adventure in their most addictive release to date.

In 2016, a whimsical return to the band’s beginnings sees The Attics once again embracing electronic elements that bring to mind future pop and 80s synth-driven ballads. Guitars jangle over infectious bass hooks while soft programmed electronica sounds and hip-hop style beats are blended into pop music that’s informed by the past, yet forward thinking. This is pop song-writing buried in swirling reverberations begging to be played under flickering disco lights.

Based in the country town of Colac in South-West Victoria, The Attics formed in 2011 dropping a dark and moody indie rock EP based around the minimal electronic music Cameron Wade had been producing on his computer. Since then, the band has tumbled endlessly through change. If one thing has remained a constant, it’s the importance of the melody around which their songs are formed.

Musically, “Bluffing” feels like a band blissing out and hitting record on the first thing that came to mind when picking up their instruments, but on consecutive listens, layer after layer appears out of the dreamy soundscape revealing the tracks intricacies.

The vocals are sweet and edgy and lyrically, are deeply introspective; a centrepiece of The Attics music from the start. Wade is writing from a different time and place in 2016, coming across as less guarded and more certain of what needs to be said. There’s still a playfulness in the themes and delivery, but it’s what’s said beneath the melodies that shines a bright light on the thoughts of a youthful mindset and all of its complexities.

Returning to the studio The Attics have once again teamed up with Isaac Barter (Canary, Life Is Blonde) to record, mix and master their latest effort. With an EP on the not-too-distant horizon, “Bluffing” points to the future for the band. Swaggering vocal delivery and warm production lend a sense of comfort to the track, that’s otherwise sitting somewhere other-worldly. Sonically a step forward, but surely only the first of many more to come.

A string of headline dates will be announced in support of The Attics dreamy new single, “Bluffing”. The live show will hit a bunch of regional centres through Victoria as well as Melbourne and Sydney stop-offs.

“Bluffing” by THE ATTICS will be released 15th of July 2016

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