Dennis Kalla – “Crack Your Skull” Streaming Now

Dennis KallaWhen Dennis Kalla released his first single ”On My Skin” in November 2014 he came out of, literally, nowhere. Dennis is raised in Sweden’s most northern city, Kiruna, a mining city thousands of kilometers from the music industry, and the capital Stockholm.

Dennis second release ”Change Your Mind” charted on Swedish college radios top-20, which led to months of intensive touring and yet another release, the single ”Good Night Bad Morning”. Dennis quickly gained a reputation as a charismatic and impulsive performer.

Dennis Kalla is bipolar and the intense period of concerts took its toll. He fell into a depression and suffered from social phobia, which delayed his plans of releasing an EP in the winter of 2015. But things got a sudden turn when Dennis got an opportunity to go to the US, where he did about ten live shows, co-writes, and participated in a documentary.

”The trip to the US got me back up on my feet, it felt like a switch got flicked and I suddenly wanted to live again. I feel ready to move on, releasing this EP is a first step.”

April 29th Dennis Kalla release the single “Crack Your Skull”, a duet featuring The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived. 

”This is a three minute chorus that depicts my stupid and cynical view on love, but also an unspoken wish to be proven wrong.”

The EP “The Ones That Matter” will be released May 25th. 
Instagram: @dennis_kalla

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