Turner Jackson’s Red Plastic Cup Album – A Ridiculous Coming-Of-Age Story [Streaming Videos Now]

Turner Jackson's Red Plastic Cup AlbumTurner Jackson has been making a lot of noise about the release of his new Indie-Pop/Funk/Hip-Hop album, Red Plastic Cup, and today fans will see why. The Denver-based dynamic performer and vocalist has finally released the album that has been getting so much attention. Red Plastic Cup is out now, and available streaming on SoundCloud and for purchase on Bandcamp.

Red Plastic Cup is a quintessential coming-of-age story – an irreverent look at young love, lust, rejection and everything that comes with trying to find your place as a 20-something. The album’s first few tracks are electrifying funk/soul/hip-hop anthems of late nights, good friends, and questionable decisions. This ‘rising arc’ of the narrative culminates with the album’s pop/funk title track, “Red Plastic Cup”. With “Drunk Baby”, we start to get a feeling that this ‘all-in’ lifestyle might have some drawbacks, but fans will be pleasantly surprised by the light, playful attitude of “Yesterday”. From there the album takes a darker turn, with the next two tracks, “The Man” and “Ya I Stunt” being focused on rejection and disrespect – presumably from the love interest that was the focus of “Fool’s Gold” and “Red Plastic Cup”.

The Red Plastic Cup album brings light to a new side of Turner Jackson that is sure to impress. With the inclusion of live instrumentation and a fresh new sound, this 10-track LP shows us that the performer has broken the glass ceiling of his hip-hop origins and come into his own multi-genre sound. The album jumps seamlessly from influences of gospel and soul, to electro-pop, indie, punk, and rock while keeping a cohesive feel through Jackson’s skillful hip-hop and melodic vocals.  Backed by the live band Motion Trap, Turner Jackson is positioned to be one of the best new artists coming out of the Denver scene.

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