Wolfie – ‘New Horizons’ Single, Listen to it Now

WolfieWolfie is the artist name for Lisa McNaughton, a Blue Mountains multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter. Her music can only be described as an eclectic smash up of roots, grunge, folk and african rhythms which has crossed over from her love of African dancing. Wolfie is all about rhythm, big drums and driving guitar, something you can move to as Lisa says.

Wolfie started out as a solo artist LISALIVE. As LISALIVE, Lisa won the blue Mountains singer songwriting competition in 2008, which then led to her releasing her debut EP Roots. She played The Falls Festival in 2009, hit no. 3 on the Triple J Unearthed Roots charts and toured New Zealand and the east coast of NSW and Victoria.

Wolfie is her new project and you can listen to one of her dirtier songs “Talking to Myself” on triple j unearthed. Having played shows with the likes of the Jeff Mar/n, Sarah McLeod, Chase the Sun, Lachey Doley and Abbe Dobsonamongst other renowned artists, Wolfie has enjoyed sharing the stage with some amazing muso’s already in her young career.

“‘New Horizons’ is a story of my struggle with mild depression, loss of identity and trying to figure out how to exist on this planet basically! A lot of people particularly young people struggle with this once or more during a lifetime and it’s so hard to get yourself out of it. The black dog can come to visit anyone at any time and the more awareness and clearing of the haze and taboo surrounding conversation about it the better,” says Lisa of her new single.

While Wolfie does write the guitar and lyrics she has help from her partner and drummer Sam McClain and their ever changing bassist who at the moment is Steve Stockton. For “New Horizons” she has also recruited the talents of west african style drummers Dom Hanly and John May of ‘Hands Heart and Feet’,

New Horizons” was recorded in the Blue Mountains in our bass player’s studio, just a couple great mics, tie dyed curtains and a great vibe, magic!  “New Horizons” by WOLFIE will be released 25th of March 2016.



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