Virus Syndicate Release New Music Video “Gimme Mic,”

Virus SyndicateClosing out 2015, Manchester UK’s Virus Syndicate found themselves embroiled in controversy when their music video for “Psychopath,” a single off their upcoming album Symptomatic out  February 29, was banned in France- the band’s largest market. A great upset to the band and fans alike, Virus are moving past the unfortunate turn of events on “Psychopath” to bring things back to their carefree, humorous side with the video for new single “Gimme The Mic.”
Riddled with gasp-worthy lyrics and in your face attitude, “Gimme The Mic” hears the veteran outfit unleash the adrenaline packed dubstep/hip-hop crossover sound they’ve become synonymous with. For the track’s music video, the guys let their mischievous side shine in the self-produced and self-directed music video. Watch “Gimme The Mic” here.
Another notable aspect of this single, and the album as a whole, is that this is the first production from Virus Syndicate produced completely and solely by the band- a true testament to band’s growth as artists in their decade-long conquest of the scene. Hear the full Symptomatic LP out February 29th via the band’s label Midication Records. Pre-Order here

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