Tinted Sun Release ‘Only One’ Single

tinted sun

Paul Pugh of Pandom Images

Toowoomba five piece indie rock band, Tinted Sun are comprised of Lara Hallaran (singer and lyricist), Jamie Sutherland (lead guitar), Callum Oliver (rhythm guitar), Jack Boag (bass guitar), and Joseph Morgan (drums). The band, all 17 years of age and younger, have been performing together in South East Queensland for the last 6 years.

Despite their young age, the band have developed their own identity, through writing original songs that offers a fresh take on familiar sounds. Tinted Sun perform a mixture of indie-punk rock with influences by greats such as Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Bon Jovi and Paramore. “Only One” was recorded at Heliport Studios at the Sunshine Coast with the assistance of producer Elliott Heinrich.

“Only One” showcases the maturity of this young band, not only in the music, but the subject as well. The song explores the post-traumatic stress associated with major life changes and upheaval. The military beating of the drum provides a background for the rock guitar and lyrics, evoking the beat of a heavy heart facing life’s strain.

“Only One” by TINTED SUN will be released 12th of February 2016.


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