SayWeCanFly Releases New Video ‘Driftwood Heart’

SayWeCanFlyThe latest video from Epitaph recording artist SayWeCanFly, “Driftwood Heart,” has been unveiled;

The clip for the second single from Canadian singer/songwriter Braden Barrie’s Darling EP focuses on freezing a moment in time.

“There are so many things that come along with connecting with another human being,” Barrie said. “I wanted to dive into the first time two people fall in love and tell the story before it happens.”

Barrie worked closely with director Micah Adrian, editing footage for nearly 10 hours, looking for the perfect combination of colors and slow motion movements and the marriage of visuals to the song.

“I wanted to fill this video with metaphors and leave it open to individual interpretation, while still creating the vibes I felt when I wrote the song,” Barrie said. “It was fun to work so closely on a SayWeCanFly video, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so stoked to release a music video. ‘Driftwood Heart’ is a special one, and a story that isn’t over quite yet.” 


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