RAE SPOON Announces Eighth Album ‘ARMOUR’

Rae SpoonRae Spoon has been called one of Canada’s best songwriters and their new album Armour does not disappoint. The ten new songs hold all of the lyrical depth indicative of Rae Spoon’s compositions while showcasing their distinctive voice. “I wrote Armour in three different cities at my kitchen table over a couple of years,” says Spoon. “I had a couple of really hard years after My Prairie Home came out. It left me with a lot of questions about how I was going to live with trauma after I was so open about it on screen. At the same time I fell in love and got married. The experience of choosing hope over despair really plays itself out in the lyrics.”

Set for release on February 19 via Coax Records, Armours self-produced enigmatic soundscapes blur the lines between organic and electronic instruments. Recorded at Calgary’s Arch Audio Studio, Rae Spoon claims, “there was a lot of experimentation with analog synths and electronic music programming along with my usual guitar and vocals. I took my tracks to long-time collaborators Alexandre Decoupigny and Lorrie Matheson and it became an album. I think the production shows a level of sophistication I have been working towards for years.”

Armour, Rae Spoon’s eighth album, is the highly anticipated follow-up to the Polaris Music Prize nominated My Prairie Home, a musical about Spoon’s fraught childhood in Alberta. As much as My Prairie Homewas about Spoon’s upbringing as a queer youth in a Pentecostal household, Armour is about their view of the future. Moments of reckoning with trauma and self-preservation mingle with messages of hope and survival. Armour explores the idea that there is no instruction manual for healthy adulthood, asserting that the attempt to construct meaning is itself the point of life. Armour is a tribute to the intimate space where both hope and despair have space to share the same voice.

Tour dates across Canada supporting Armour begin February 16 and all performance stops can be found below.

Feb 16 – Calgary @ The Ironwood w/ Ethan Cole
Feb 17– Edmonton @ the Mercury Room w/ Sherry-Lee Heschel
Feb 18 – Saskatoon @ TBA
Feb 20 – Winnipeg @ The Good Will w/ LAL
Feb 21 – Brandon @ TBA
Feb 25 – Montreal @ Casa Del Popolo w/ Glenn Nuotio
Feb 26 – Ottawa @ Pressed Cafe w/ Glenn Nuotio
Feb 27 – Kingston @ the Artel w/ Kris and Dee
Feb 28 – Toronto @ Holy Oak w/ Party Time
Feb 29 – Toronto @ Holy Oak w/ Glenn Nuotio
Mar 3 – St John’s @ The Ship w/ Katie Baggs
Mar 4 – Halifax @ The Company House w/ Lee-Ann Poole
Mar 11 – Galiano Island @ TBA
Mar 13 – Vancouver @ Skinny Fat Jacks


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