Ilana Tarutina Lends Her Vocals to Vikings TV series! – WATCH NOW

ILana TarutinaILana Tarutina released her debut self titled album in 2014 with a powerful blend of Electronic & Pop showcasing her raw talent as a versatile producer, songwriter and singer.

After the release of her album, ILana quickly turned the heads of industry heavy weights & high profile motion picture publishing and trailer companies, which has successfully lead to placing her productions in Feature Films. ILana Tarutina generated further interest from independent record labels and music publishing companies, including collaborating on 3 single releases with GrindHaus Records ‘The Crazies Come Out’, ‘Paradise’ and ‘Reach Us’ in addition to releasing her forth single ‘Final Escape’. She also produced & performed ‘Bleed’ which is currently being used in S3 of History Channel’s TV hit Vikings promo trailers.

Currently ILana is hitting the stage with a brand new live set showcasing her vocals, live playing and the addition of a live drummer for an incredibly energetic & unforgettable performance that will leave you wanting more.


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