VALLEE New Single and Video for ‘Jungle’

valleeThe biggest driving force for Melbourne band Vallee has been the positive response from strangers from all around the world connecting with their music. The collaborative song writing of guitarist Michael Keirs and bassist Brendan Aked make up the core of the Melbourne indie rockers. Influenced by the post punk revival scenes from the late 90’s and the new wave scene that stems from the 80’s, the band cites Bloc Party and The Wombats as an ideal that they strive to achieve. After a steady string of shows across Melbourne in 2014 followed by a working holiday in Europe, and multiple surgeries related to a motorcycle accident, it’s been almost a year since they headlined the Evelyn hotel in Fitzroy.

The follow up to their first EP Radio sees the band release their new single “Jungle”. The title track off their first EP Radio reached #1 on the Triple J Unearthed charts and subsequent video was featured on, whilst second single “Cubadebuted at #9 and received airplay on Unearthed radio.

From the get go of “Jungle”, this hectic jungle vibe infused jam layers silky synthesized bass tones, frantic guitar loops and pounding drumbeats. The heart on sleeve lyrics and overlapping, harmonized vocals of front men Michael and Brendan are a staple of the bands signature sound. The chorus expands those harmonies with the introduction of Amanda Norman from indie pop darlings SANS.

The lyrical themes in “Jungle” revolve around love at first sight and “instant connections that make you feel as if time is irrelevant, and continue to make you feel that way everyday” says Michael, “you make connections with people and then after a period of time they are gone from your life forever but they still leave a mark.”

Getting back into the studio with producer Beau McKee (Closure in Moscow, Sky Ferreira) who recorded the band’s previous efforts was a no-brainer. ‘Beau helped define our sound in the studio and his vision for the final product captured all that we set out to achieve’ says Brendan. The resulting three minutes is an infectious, sing along jam that will be out just in time for summer.

Upcoming Shows: 
13th of Nov – Grace Darling Basement, Collingwood VIC

“Jungle” by VALLEE will be released 13th of November 2015 :

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