Live Coverage – Witch Mountain, Prong, Superjoint Ritual

PRONG-photoshoot-Alcatraz-2014-©-Tim-Tronckoe-1 pp

Some bands just happen to be on tour, other bands are meant to be on tour.
They dominate the stage, and our hearts, these three acts are amongst those bands.

By Matt Bacon

Man – these shows are going to kill me – I’ve seen Superjoint five times this year, while with Witch Mountain and Prong it’s a mere three times each. The point being – I really dig all of these bands and last night only solidified their magic in my mind. Though I did end up skipping Danzig and Veil of Maya (After all this is the Blacker than Black tour!) because I frankly don’t care for those bands the three bands I did get to check out left me smiling and reveling in the sublime murk that defines this kind of music.

Witch Mountain as always blew me away, especially with their new lineup (Although I guess a year into this iteration of the band we can’t really call them new) The point being Kayla Dixon is one of the great front women of metal. Meanwhile, the rhythm section of Quentin Brown and Nate Carson is tighter than ever – the raw chemistry there is delicious and represents the potent power this band has. Meanwhile Rob Wrong’s riffs remain incredible and dominant – he’s one of the great doom guitarists and perhaps for the first time ever he is surrounded by a band that is truly worthy of his talents. The raw potential here is simply maddening.

While at first I felt a bit too old and jaded for Prong, I was as always quickly enamored with their stage presence. These guys understand what makes rock and roll so special to people – sure dudes who go to hundreds of show a year might find it a little silly, but I have to remember, most people don’t do that – and that’s something Prong understand. They are fun to watch because they unleash potent grooves and flashy solos. This is rock and roll by the people for the people – rarely too brainy but instead fresh and exciting, here to cleanse you not to harm you. Prong leave a mark on their fans because they get at something fundamental we all love, and regardless of how you might feel about recycled riffs you cannot deny them that.

Finally the hour was ripe for Superjoint. These guys have always struck me simply because they look and feel exactly the way a metal band should, and that’s a huge part of what makes their southern sludge tinged grindcore so special. Superjoint Ritual are immaculate and unforgettable, utterly cleansing. Phil Anselmo understands the true power of the underground and despite his magical sense of bravado it’s impossible to deny that he is the one and only – a legend in his own lifetime and fully aware of it. The point being – Superjoint are one of the best bands on the scene right now and they remain unholy more than twenty years ago.

The point being – heavy metal is this really weird thing to me. I have no clue why I’m so obsessed with it but evenings like last night help to clue me in I think. I hang out – I see friends, old and new and get a chance to delve into what makes this shit so special. You never forget things like the opening riff to the Alcoholic or Kayla Dixons incredible stage antics. These are the moments that make heavy metal special to me – and if that doesn’t resonate with you, then you might never get it, and that’s totally okay.

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