Metal Madness with Fulgora, Child Bite and King Parrot

king-parrot Article by Matt Bacon
From September 2015 Vandala Magazine 

Another night, another show, that’s what I like to say. There is a certain pleasure in seeing the same touring package on consecutive nights in cities four hours apart, and that’s what I ended up doing when I saw Fulgora, Child Bite and King Parrot in Lancaster yesterday evening at the quasi-legendary Chameleon Club. With hours of metal madness ahead of me and a relatively easy drive to get to the venue I couldn’t help but feel charmed at the power of what I was immersing myself in for the second consecutive night.

FulgoraFulgora in particular really stood out to me on this second night. They deliver a wonderfully crunchy set with all sorts of destructive hardcore edges. These guys are just a little bit evil and very punk. Beyond that though there is a certain profound sense of artistry to what they do, be it in their frontmans trademark swagger or their bearded guitarist unleashing lightning speed riffs. As the band continue to evolve and differentiate themselves even more I get the impression that I will fall ever deeper in love. Fulgora understand what the underground is all about and their music will leave you on the ground begging for more.

Up next was Child Bite who I’ve always loved just for the sense of raw chaos in their music. Beyond that though what always strikes me about the band when I see them live is the sheer talent of the musicians. These guys may be playing some fairly simple stuff but they manage to pull it off incredibly well. They harness the chaos and make distortion their slave leading to a very exciting set where you feel the band somehow staying together even though it feels like they should go flying off the rails at any minute. With an extremely exciting frontman in Shawn and a vile live sound, Phil Anselmo was right, “This shit, is the shit”.

Finally it was time for King Parrot (Unfortunately I had to leave before Superjoint) These guys always have astounded me with how straight up weird they sound and their ability to craft whole new sound worlds using typical extreme metal ideas. It was gratifying to see that they had a fan base of their own at the show. It’s exciting to me that a band as ‘out there’ as King Parrot are able to garner mainstream metalheads into their audience and show them the power and the depth that this kind of music can have. With yet another exciting live performance I was left with a gleeful grin on my face as I genuflected before the almighty live crush that this band provides.

And so my evening came to an end. I realized I had left my wallet at home and suddenly got paranoid about cops. The entire thing seemed like an appropriately Hunter S Thompson-esque freak out after an evening of relaxation with friends both old and new. This is the kind of thing that makes extreme metal so worthwhile, despite everything this shit remains crazy. A band like King Parrot will come out to Weird Al’s Amish Paradise and you are left shaking your head. Extreme metal is utterly unpredictable and thus it will never die.


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