December in Red’s “Hadouken” Video + September Tour Dates

December in RedDecember in Red have dropped their video for “Hadouken,” featuring Jahred of (Hed) P.E.

December in Red’s Del McGeachy said, “I’ve been a huge (Hed) P.E. fan since 1997 so getting the opportunity to have Jahred on a track with us was a serious honor. Thanks go to Jahred for the cameo and Cavigold Records for hooking it up. We didn’t find out that we were going to get him for a song until shortly before we went in to track The Way Out album. The first time I heard his verse, I couldn’t stop grinning. Jahred spent the day with us at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle where the album was tracked to finish the song and then stuck around the following day to shoot the video with us right there in the studio where the song was recorded.”

He added, “We’ve been on the road with (Hed) P.E. a couple of times since then and he’s stepped up to perform the song with us on both tours. That’s some bucket list material for me and some of the best times we’ve had on the road yet. We’re very proud of how the song and video turned out. We can’t wait to share ‘Hadouken’ with everyone.”

December in Red will be touring soon. Dates are below.

09-19-15 | Slang Metal Fest | Danville, Ill.
09-23-15 | Mickeys | St. Joe,  Mich.
09-24-15 | The Loft $1 Show Low Dough | Lansing, Mich.
09-25-15 | Token Lounge | Westland, Mich.
09-26-15 | 4th Street Bar | Mansfield, Ohio
09-29-15 | 5th Quarter Lounge | Indianapolis, Ind.
10-02-15 | Sopranos | Griffith, Ind.
10-03-15 | Shamrocks | Omaha, Neb.
10-15-15 | Acadia | Houston, Texas
10-16-15  | RBC  | Dallas, Texas
10-17-15  | Depot Bar | Lubbock, Texas
10-18-15 | Thunder Alley, Oklahoma City, Okla.
10-21-15 | The Rusty Needle | Hutchinson, Kan.
10-22-15 | Roxy Bar |  Kansas City, Mo.
10-23-15 | Dorns Fireside | Casper, Wy.

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