Indie Pop Artist SKY JONES Releases New Single ‘LINGER’

sky jones
Up and coming musician Sky Jones has released her debut self-titled EP, and her latest track ‘Linger’ is now available for download on iTunes..

Linger’ is described by Sky as “an anthem of heartbreak”; it’s real, raw, passionate and heavy, and has a melody that is hard to let go of.

Written and produced right in her own home with the help of a close friend, the creation of this track is a “really deep personal song” for Sky. It’s a track where the lyrics flew freely and Sky has been amazed how the track “just came together”.

Said of the production of the song, “I had a definite plan of how I wanted it to sound, but I let my friend have a go with it and when I heard what she did with it I was like, oh my goodness, so we continued working on it, and here we are.”

This single is due to be added to her next album which she is currently writing and recording. The fresh Auckland, NZ based songstress crafts powerful and emotional tones, described as “that dark kind, like Florence and the Machine.”  Her brilliantly strong voice and heartfelt stories she tells in her songs leave your skin tingling; Sky’s music has been said to be “brooding and deep lyrically and emotionally but engulfing musically and big.”

“Linger” by SKY JONES will be released 24th July 2015

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