TIMBER BONES Release Single/Video  ‘Walking Through The Fire’ 

TIMBER BONESWalking Through The Fire is the debut single from Indierock five piece Timber Bones. The Bone’s Boys write music with a saying in mind “Feel what you play, play what you feel.” Focusing on an emotion or memory they write with the intention to capture that moment. Working in studio with producer Caleb James imbued the track with a little something more. “Recording with Timber Bones was an absolute blast and it definitely came through on the single.”

“The song came out sounding like a young Michael Jackson threw a block party on Sesame Street with Elton John and Elmo jamming out on the keys. It’s such a blast to play live, I love seeing people from different walks of life jumping around together, this track really gets the crowd moving.” Says Kendall, Lead Guitarist.

Kurt’s catchy piano lines paired with Kendall’s cheerful skanks imbue the air with an infectiously playful vibe. Sam and Anson make the wheels on the big groove bus go round with a rock-solid funky rhythm while Luke conducts the whole occasion with a powerful golden tone and some mean, lean tambourine.

Timber Bones have spread the love from Brisbane to Byron Bay and now all the way down to Melbourne. Inspired by classic music icons such as Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and almost all of the others the Bones Boys are avid lovers of all music. More recently their talents have been cultivated by bands such as Half Moon Run, Band of Skulls, Delicate Steve and Tame Impala. An “electrifying” live show will have you on your feet moving and grooving, rubbing shoulders with future friends.Timber Bones are currently planning a tour from Melbourne all the way up to the Sunshine Coast this summer.

Keep your ears up and the beers cold, it’s not to be missed.

“Walking Through The Fire” by Timber Bones will be released 24th July 2015




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