New Single from SLOW TURISMO  ‘I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up’ 

SLOW TURISMOLuring in listeners with infectious melodies and rolling grooves, Slow Turismo is a dynamic indie band from the Nations Capital already making waves on home soil and abroad. The four-piece band creates the kind of indie pop that alternative listeners are looking to hear. Similar to the bold work of Alt-J, Cloud Control and LCD Soundsystem, they write music that nestles in between several genres.

Slow Turismo are proud to release ‘I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up’ the lead single from their debut self-titled EP. This latest release was recorded between Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne, and a log cabin hidden away in the hills surrounding Robertson.

Having spent time with Magoo for pre-production and tracking in 2014, the band have settled into their sound and, with the help of Aaron Dobos, self-produced ‘I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up’ over the first few months of 2015.

‘We really got a lot out of our time with Magoo last year, committing to sounds during the recording process became a production focus for the project. Being able to get away to the cabin was also a really great excuse to delve into the tracking whole-heartedly and let the songs become their own.’

‘I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up’ is upbeat and introspective, exploring the dreaded mid twenties transition from carefree fun times to adult life. The song starts with jangly guitar and a quirky programed beat that quickly opens into a full arrangement featuring more guitar, synth, vocals and eventually trumpets. The bridge section builds and builds until finally landing somewhere completely unexpected. The song plays with your sense of anticipation, not unlike growing up.

Slow Turismo commissioned the young street artist extraordinaire Goodie to create artwork for the EP that reflects the overall mood of the release. It will be available to buy as two different prints with a USB or download link.

“I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up” by SLOW TURISMO will be released 24th July 2015

Catch them live this August at the following dates

Oxford Art Factory Gallery, Sydney7th August 2015
The Polish Club, Canberra8th August 2015
The Gasmometer, Melbourne14th August 2015


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