BOW AND ARROW  Release New Electro – Soul Single & Hot Video ‘Midnight’ 

Bow And ArrowBow and Arrow are an ELECTRO SOUL husband and wife duo from Sydney. With two recorded EPs: ‘Return To Me’ (2012) and ‘Don’t Play Roulette In Russia’ (2013) Bow and Arrow are ready to release their debut single ‘Midnight’.

The song came together fast in a hit of inspiration. Within minutes the backbone for ‘Midnight’ was created. B+A played the track live at many gigs and festivals around Australia while recording and self-producing the track in places around Sydney from the sandy shores of the Northern Beaches to the nature surrounding acreage of the Hills. Bow and Arrow played all instruments on the track except violin, which was played by Eric Avery.

Midnight was mixed by the master Michael Stavrou. “It was a glorious experience over 3 days in Byron Bay where we just went at it and explored and created every corner of the mix. We’re all such strong creative minds and being together in a room was totally explosive! In a great way! And I have to mention, watching Stav do his thing was a work of art” – Mindy Kwanten

The track is like a song to your spirit where you are acknowledging an emotion, whatever situation you may be in, and saying, ‘I am going to step up to the plate. I am going to be brave. I am going to know the sense of freedom. True Freedom. I live in the moment. I will not be categorized. I do not fit in a little box. I acknowledge this happiness inside of me and excuse me while I own this moment!’

Add a splash of pleasure delay, sexual tension, a great bunch of friends on a wet Sydney night and Ryan Kwanten from True Blood as your director and you have their list of ingredients for the official film clip. (video below)


*Warning {cause we have to} Adult Themed – Sexual Content. It has Ryan Kwanten from True Blood directing of course its HOT.

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