Emerging Hard Rockers RUBIKON to Release New Album “Delta” – New Track “Live That Lie” Streaming Now

RUBIKONEmerging Boston-based hard rock band RUBIKON may be about to break out into the scene with their new track “Live That Lie”, but the band is nothing but new. Nearing roughly fourteen years of performing and recording, the band broke out into the rock world with a pair of EPs in 2001 and 2002 before releasing their first full album, The Hollow Men, in 2004.

Fast forward to today, as RUBIKON prepares to release their brand new album Delta, featuring the aforementioned track “Live That Lie”. Read below to learn more about RUBIKONand Delta, and listen along by sampling a taste of the new album via an exclusive “Live That Lie” stream – available for listening now via 

Unlike many veteran groups that try to continuously change their sound to fit trends, Delta (releasing August 2015) is a return to form – an exploration of RUBIKON’s roots, if you will. When planning their new material, the band tapped producer Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Brother Cane), who inspired the band to reach back to an organic sound. The resulting album, Delta, was recorded at Quad Studios in Nashville, TN and mixed by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures), and finally, mastered by Howie Weinberg (Metallica, Nirvana). RUBIKON recorded the album live, with minimal overdubs, and completed the album over just two weekends.

Pre-orders for Delta are set to launch in early July.

“Live That Lie” was the very first song written for the new album. Vocalist/drummer DR comments, ““Live That Lie” is reflective of where we are in our lives, both musically and personally. We’re older, we care a lot less about what people think, and we are definitely a more weathered and resilient version of our younger selves. The first line in the song says it all – “Well I’ve been knocked down and kicked, and lied to…””

RUBIKON tastefully merges layers of progressive hard rock riffs, soaring melodic vocals, complex harmonic structures, mile-high atmospherics and claustrophobic metallic outbursts into a flavorful musical mixture. RUBIKON has taken this potent combination on the road countless times – touring the country and performing hundreds of shows to folks all across the nation. RUBIKON has performed with the likes of Damageplan, Trivium, Shadows Fall, Nonpoint, Nothingface, Dog Fashion Disco, and others.

The launch of “Live That Lie” and the impending build up to the release of Delta is the beginning of a new chapter for RUBIKON – one that harks back to old stories and raw sound, but that is nothing but fresh and exciting. Stay tuned for more exclusives, tracks, videos and more coming from RUBIKON in the coming weeks!


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