Sweden’s KINETICS Release EP and Chewbacca Video!

KINETICS Release EP and Chewbacca VideoSince late 2013 Sweden based Kinetics has released a series of critically acclaimed indie gems, appearing on blogs and at radio worldwide. These tracks are now compiled into a vinyl EP together with the new anthemic “Yank Me Out Of Neutral. It is a powerful indie rock piece with beautifully arranged backup-vocals rooted in the Americana genre with harmonious melodies emerging from a wall of guitars and energetic drums. We’re taken from the sublime “Empty Lanes”, through the bombastic empowering of “The Island” to the disco vibes of “Gravity Overtook The Parrot”. It’ Swedish indie at its finest all the way through.
Lead off track “Yank Me Out Of Neutral” deals with a desperate struggle with the overpowering monster of every day-boredom trying to sink its claws in our minds, a fight song shrouded in both beauty and energy. Backup vocals by up and coming Swedish singer/songwriter Melina Borglowe. The video, which is released today, finds the band struggling through the forest all dressed up as Sweden’s KINETICS Release EP and Chewbacca Video! Chewbaccas. One of this year’s top videos so far if you ask us!

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