INAEONA: ‘Force Rise The Sun’ Due Aug. 7 – Teaser Streaming Via Vandala Magazine

INAEONADescending from a spark of light comes the spellbinding trio InAeona, whose sound combines heartfelt melodies, emotionally stirring post-metal and spacey, industrial undertones. Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Bridge, bassist Dave and drummer James, the Boston-based trio will release their Prosthetic debut “Force Rise the Sun” worldwide on Aug. 7. A teaser for the album — which Outburn says in its 10/10 review “combines the mysterious energies of post-rock/metal, powerful industrial surges and an unsettling yet somehow inspiring dissonance” — can be found below or streaming at this location
Combining their shared passions for music and creativity, the trio first began making waves locally with concerts featuring an elaborate light show that accented their haunting tones and gave audiences unique and intense live experiences. The trio soon hit the road on a self-booked tour, playing anywhere and everywhere possible while showcasing their debut EP “Blue Sky All Day,” which featured artwork from longtime friend, Junius guitarist Michael Repasch-Nieves. The band has recently shared the stages with Junius, So Hideous, He Whose Ox Is Gored, and Author and Punisher, to name a few.
Look out for new music from “Force Rise the Sun” and upcoming tour announcements by following InAeona online at one of their official sites!

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