Pop Act MIA MILAN: New Single & Video ‘I Won’t Cry’

mia milanAustralian Pop artist Mia Milan: if you haven’t heard of her- you soon will! She’s been singing, recording & writing all throughout Europe for the last few years defining her unique pop style!

What hits you about her music is her solid nod to retro, her ‘young girl out in the world’ lyrics and her powerful pop sound. Mia Milan is well on her way to setting her own benchmark of cool on the global pop scene and wraps it all up with her pop star quality of the new generation. She has always cast her eye on the big picture. Subtle ain’t her thing and she’ll tell you that ‘fitting in’ is overrated. Her determination didn’t grow overnight, it’s been simmering since she was a young performer belting out songs from the 60’s that her Italian grandparents had in their old record collection.

Mia’s now back on home turf with a swag of great pop songs and a bouncy new single ‘I won’t cry’ about to be released through the A&R department.

“I won’t cry” is quirky pop at it’s best. It’s got crazy catchy bold melodies with a hook that’ll keep you bouncing. This new release of Mia Milan is the real deal. Produced by Australian songwriter/Producer Boyd Wilson and penned by Mia and Boyd “I won’t cry”is all about love n’ loss and having fun with a sad lyric.


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