Human Movement Release Sweetland Remix

Human MovementStoney Roads Records is delighted to announce the release of the Human Movement remix of Sweetland’s “Solanum”.
Sweetland, the 21-year-old Melbourne techno prodigy, already had us immersed in his unique brand of underground sound. ‘Solanum’ has been the producer’s latest foray into experimental techno – the smooth, melodic and considered track has been well recognised for it’s cool washes of darkness and cathartic drop. Now taken on by Sydney based techno duo Human Movement (who recently brought serious vibes with their Shake EP), the remix is crafted to encourage intrinsic movement on late clubbing nights.
“We loved the original so it was hard to make it better. We decided to almost treat it like a original track,” says Human Movement. “We wanted our baseline to be prominent and really drive the song and have Sweetland’s elements weave in and out of the track.”
In collaborating, the artists hope to shape a new brand of Australian techno. Working off the foundations of heavy bass, wet kicks and crisp claps, the duo bring a youthful groove to the dark single. Elating the subdued lowlights of the original, the remix is tailored for the new generation of curious techno fans.
Original – 
Remix – 
Get your copy on iTunes
For More On Human Movement: 

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