Amaranthe Premiere “Digital World” Video

AMARANTHEAmaranthe are back in the U.S. for a tour with their labelmates in Santa Cruz and they have dropped the new video for “Digital World,” the second single from the universally well-received new album MASSIVE ADDICTIVE. Watch it: 

“Digital World” follows the catchy first single “Drop Dead Cynical,” which broke the doors open for the band and experienced the best international radio airplay of the band’s career.

”Digital World’ follows up the overwhelmingly successful ‘Drop Dead Cynical,’ which charted high on radio and single charts all over the world, to our massive excitement! It has even been a staple song for the Detroit Red Wings NHL games!,”  the band said. “However, we’re back with what is probably our best and most well-produced video to date, and most importantly a song that is already a fan (and band) favorite.

“We have extremely high expectations for ‘Digital World.’ It will also serve as the perfect prelude to our North American tour, which starts the same week. Be ready to step into our ‘Digital World’ on May 11.”


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