Virus Syndicate & Dope D.O.D. Team up for ‘Battle Royal’ EP

VIRUS SYNDICATE & DOPE D.O.DA combination of hip hop styles, the Battle Royal EP is a collaboration between two fully functional European hip hop/grime crews. In one corner, we have the UK’s Virus Syndicate, a group of rappers who frequently cross oevr into the domain of heavy bass and are coming off of a full-fledged European tour and recent collaborations with artists like Borgore and DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill fame. Infiltrating every genre with witty, gritty urban clarity, no corner of the industry is safe from their boundary bashing lyrical lashings. In the other corner, we have well-known Dutch trio Dope D.O.D., who went gold in both Italy and Poland with the release of their “Ugly” EP and have been selling out headline shows across Europe.
An emphatic four-track EP of doom, Battle Royal finds the two groups going head-to-head with no holds barred. “After The Swarm we needed a fresh challenge.” said Virus Syndicate on the collaboration. “We found out about these crazy guys who were putting out the sickest shit we’d heard in years and when we listened to them we knew they would be worthy adversaries.” The two collectives smash together to create an unforgettable supergroup that leaves you with a dark and twisted feeling in your gut as each track assaults the senses with razor sharp wit and heavyweight beats.
Stream & Purchase The ‘Battle Royal’ EP:

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