Swedish Electronic Duo White Birches, Debut album out Today & Steaming Now

White Birches“Dark Waters”, the debut album from Swedish electronic duo White Birches, has already been praised by the likes of Nothing But Hope And Passion (DE) and Absolut Noise (FR) as well as a large share of Swedish hype and music media.

It’s an album full of analogue synths and deep bass, which together with shoegazing guitars, dramatic pianos and lyrics reflecting on the state of today’s society, has turned into what we know as White Birches. It’s breathtaking and fascinating.“We’ve been trying to create a sound black as night, all held together by lyrics on hope, pain, Belsebub and broken hearts.”

White Birches is indie vaudeville artist Jenny Gabrielsson Mare, who’s released two solo records previously, and Fredrik Jonasson, also known in the world of electronic music as Silencio Stampa.

“Dark Waters” is out NOW on all digital platforms and the band is on tour all through April and May 2015. 


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