Feivel “Already Standing” NEW VIDEO

FeivelFeivel released her acclaimed selftitled debut EP autumn 2014. Previously we have seen her in the band Skilla and together with popular Swedish artists like Linnea Henriksson and Sylvester Schlegel (The Ark).

“Already Standing” was recorded at, The Soundtrack of Our Lives owned, Svenska Grammofonstudion and was released on all digital platforms on March 10th. Now the video is finally here.

The  video is directed by Nina Sigurd and Christofer Nilsson, Mohave Media.

“You have to play by the second person’s rules. But it doesn’t matter how right you do, it’s still wrong in that person’s eyes. You cannot win. In the Orange Is the New Black series, the main character must imitate and adapt to a lot of new, sick rules that prevails there. But whom she adapts to still thinks she never does things right anyways. Just as in my song, it is a perpetual game that no one is going to win, because other players are so fickle. But you are already there, and got no intent to give up”

– Feivel
March 31st. Pustervik, Gothenburg (SE)
April 1st. Debaser Strand, Stockholm (SE)
April 2nd. Babel, Malmö (SE)
April 7th. Doc Lounge, Malmö (SE)
April 23rd. The Islington, London (UK)
April 24th. Mother’s Ruin, Bristol, UK
April 25th. The Workshop. London (UK)

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