Allies For Everyone Releases New DJ Mix & Music Video

Allies For EveryoneHaving just released his ‘Bunker‘ EP in mid-February, which found him exploring moodier, darker tones in place of the sparkly, electro-tinged house beats that have become his signature, dreamy synthpop act Allies For Everyone aka Brian Suarez, has just released a new mixtape, along with a music video for the EP’s title track, “Bunker“.

“Bunker” pairs Brian’s silky voice with warm, soothing synth melodies and minimal four-on-the-floor percussion patterns, and PopMatters calls the video “equally atmospheric, featuring plenty of smoky visuals that enhance the already distinct nighttime mood of the tune.”
Allies For Everyone’s “Winter Mix 2015“, which premiered earlier this week, is an hour long and full of beautiful, soothing melodies and forward-moving 4×4 beats. Allies has the rare ability to command a dancefloor while simultaneously pulling at your heart strings, and demonstrates it with this introspective mix.
Listen to “Winter Mix 2015” HERE

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