DANIEL ISAIAH Releases Music Video for ‘HEAVEN IS ON FIRE’

Daniel-Isaiah---Come-Into-Gone---Daniel Isaiah is excited to share his new music video for Heaven Is On Fire – the first single from his introspective yet upbeat forthcoming sophomore release, Come Into Gone (out March 31 via Secret City Records). The video was directed by Canadian Music Video Director/Film Producer/Art Director/Costume Designer, Becca Blackwood. “When Daniel first came to me with the song Heaven is on Fire, I was struck by how much was going on in it… kind of a beautiful chaos. I strived to match that feeling with the images as well, using the characters mind as a reflection of the chaos,” Blackwood explains. Watch and share the music video for Heaven Is On Fire:

The main characters of the video are interpreted by two renowned actors, Louis Negin (54, The Saddest Music In The World) and Marie Brassard (Congorama, Babine, Ésimésac), who have been friends and colleagues for twenty years. The video shows them giving a fun, touching, and accomplice performance.“The collaboration with Louis Negin, who is a great friend and extraordinarily talented actor, was fruitful from the start,” continues Blackwood. “While I had set portraits for him to exist within, much of what was done, was him doing improv, which ultimately brought all of the portraits to life”.

Montreal born, raised and based, Daniel Isaiah recorded the totality of the songs on the new record in his hometown, over two three-day sessions, with a band including Chris Flower on guitar, Matthew Woodley (Plants and Animals) on drums, plus vocal contributions from Sea Oleena. Come Into Gone is not only a thinking man’s “rock” record, but an introspective breakup one as well.

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