Brittsommar – New Single “North Country Blood”

BrittsommarTwo years have passed since Brittsommar released their critically acclaimed The Machine Stops, and it is fair to say that they have not slowed pace.  The ringer Sawyer Gebauer has only continued to evolve the sound and spirit that is Brittsommar.  From the deserts of the southwest to his homestead of New York City.

 If you are somewhat familiar with the story, you should know that in 2010 this then 19 year old moved to a farm on the Swedish countryside creating an international band full of elaborate characters in the likes of lawyers, painters, scientists, engineers, thieves, nobodys and know-it-alls.  All on the cusp of giving it all up and starting again through this project.

From recording Brittsommar´s first album Day Of Living Velvet in an abandoned synagogue in his home town of Madison, WI, to a warehouse in Berlin where The Machine Stops was born,  Sawyer returned to America to harness and rediscover his tongue where the root of folk, country, and music tradition breaths.

Traveling coast to coast and south to north more than once, and having a successful $3500 music campaign, Brittsommar found the breeding ground for The Mary Me E.P. at Bob Weir´s (Grateful Dead) TRI studios in San Rafeal, California.

Working with a dynamic group of musicians such as Jason Crosby and producer Brad K Dollar, The Mary E.P. is no re-write.  It is yet another musical transformation cradling the ramble of blues, the pain of the American country, the known stories of folk, and the everchanging pop of today.

Along with the album to be released in early May 2015, A mini documentary (filmed by Johanna Ovelius Gustavsson) is to be shown following Sawyer through the U.S. performing concerts, conducting interviews, a variety of intimate live music footage, and the inside look at the recording of The Mary Me E.P.

The first single and video “North Country Blood” is out today!

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