JK Soul Releases Debut Album “When There Is No Sun” On Super Best Records + FREE DOWNLOAD

JK Soul - When There Is No SunWith all the fervor in the glitch hop community from over-seas, it’s no surprise that what may prove to be the next breakout album in the genre comes from the heart of eastern Europe. JK Soul, Slovenian producer and prodigal glitch hop composer has finally released his debut albumWhen There Is No Sun on Michal Menert‘s Super Best Records. (FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD)

“It was a long and exhausting process, preparing and numerously mastering the album. I am a bit of a perfectionist.” says JK Soul, whose full potential is yet to be unveiled to a broader public. His debut LP is a true mirror of JK’s dedication to perfecting his production, where he combines numerous musical influences – from scratch DJing, to italo electro elements, and instrumental samples full of soul. The album opens up to shine light on his trials and tribulations, his happiness, and the chill beats that tell a story from a small coastal city near Italy.

After JK’s single release “A Bright Light in The Sky” hit #1 on EDM.com‘s weekly Glitch Hop chart, it’s clear that JK Soul is on his way to become a very influential artist in the trip hop and glitch hop community. The young Slovenian wants to thank his loyal followers and will be doing a short promotional campaign on Facebook and SoundCloud to support the album’s release.



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