Andy Kim Teams Up With Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene) For ‘It’s Decided’

Andy Kim It's DecidedIt’s Decided transcends the many years of history within it. Andy Kim, the legendary songwriter and recording artist, renowned for 30 million records sold worldwide, with eternal #1 hits like “Rock Me Gently”, “Baby, I Love You So”, and The Archies’ “Sugar, Sugar”, has captured a vibrant new sound.



Surrendering to what Kim calls “the Magic & the Brilliance of Kevin Drew”, songs with the impeccable intuition of a Hall of Fame songwriter shimmer with Drew’s studio brilliance. Andy adds, “Although I’ve always held a childlike belief that my day was not yet done I never expected to live the love & passion that Kevin gave me & the creative process that has become my new album.

An early supporter of the release, said, “For the first time in the Montreal native’s roller-coaster career, he’s presenting himself less as an aspiring pop idol and more like your cool indie-rock uncle. The seasoned songwriter who once hustled his way into the Brill Building compound of Jeff Barry – with whom Kim authored the Archie’s classic “Sugar, Sugar,” 1969’s biggest hit – has found an unlikely ally in his current comeback bid: Kevin Drew of Toronto art-rockestra Broken Social Scene. 

Co-written and produced by Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew and produced by Drew, Dave Hamelin (The Stills), and Ohad Benchetrit (Do Make Say Think),  It’s Decided is the crystallization of a creative music community around a living, thriving legend. Lead by Andy Kim’s wisdom, through his stunningly youthful vocals, the album’s ten songs are further accented by luminaries Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies), John McEntire (Tortoise), Ron Sexsmith and Jeff Barry.

Sail On” coasts on handclaps and a perfect chorus.  The wistful “Shoot ‘Em Up Baby”, originally released by Kim in ’68 with “Sugar, Sugar” co-writer Barry, shows glimpses of the original’s ethereal doo-wop through bright new chiming piano.

From an interview with, Kevin said, “It’s not a sugar-pop record. This is a man who is singing about his mortality, moving on, getting older and the idea of trying to connect to an audience who’s possibly lost their parents or are dealing with friends going away. Andy’s really hitting something with that.”

The album’s closing song, “Who Came First”, was rewritten from the Social Scene archives and took on new and vibrant life once Andy Kim’s lyrics were added.  The song shuffles upward with that familiar Broken sound of low, syncopated saxophone with Kim’s lyrics weaving in between a musical stew and then back again to a simple chorus.  This collaborative effort is yet another example of the wide-eyed reinvention that is It’s Decided.

As Drew says, this is “Andy’s heartfelt want to still make it even though many would say his history is enough.” Gentle and enigmatic, ageless and ecstatic, Andy Kim always looks to transcend and find the honesty in what he does and does with others.”






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