Slovanian Glitch Hop Producer JK Soul Releases “A Bright Light In The Sky” Single From Upcoming Release

Photo By Živa Kočevar

Photo By Živa Kočevar

From the woodwork of eastern Europe emerges a glitch hop producer who’s name might not yet be familiar, but whose music is unforgettable. JK Soul is set to step into the broader music scene with the release of When There Is No Sun on Michal Menert‘s label,Super Best Records. Today we get a sneak peak at the album with the freshly released single, “A Bright Light In The Sky“.

FREE Download of this track on SoundCloud:

The hard-hitting glitch hop beats of “A Bright Light In The Sky” seems reminiscent of the tension and industrial stigma of the Second World that JK calls home. The video brings this feeling one step farther with its violent war-oriented imagery and patriarchal overtones.

But the track itself is more than a nod to his cultural roots. JK chose the title “A Bright Light In The Sky” as a personal epitaph to his father. He says, “since a bright light in the sky is looking over my shoulder every day for last 5 years (dad, love you, rest in peace)“.

The full album, When There Is No Sun will drop in early 2015 as part of a Super Best Records 2-Pack, paired with the first-ever digital release of Michal Menert’s Elements EP. Look out for this compilation release and stay tuned for more announcements from Super Best Records.



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