Live Coverage – Losing My Mind With The Pixies

The PixiesArticle By Darian Magee
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There’s classic rock – and then there’s The Pixie. A household name since the 90’s, it seems this Boston born band is here to stay. Although I was too young to remember their breakup (and subsequent reunion), many of my formative years were spent obsessing over their albums. Heck, I even liked Indie Cindy. Whether they were dominating my junior high party playlists or forcing an ugly ‘turn down your music’ confrontation with my parents, the Pixies have been a great source of constant soundtrack to my life. The only milestone of theirs I was privy to suffer through was the departure of their bassist , but it looks like Paz Lenchantinhas sufficiently filled the Kim Deal shaped hole in my heart. You can probably imagine my excitement when the “ACCREDIDATION ACCEPTANCE” email showed up in my inbox a day before the event and my face when I joyfully cancelled all my plans. No sarcasm here, they’re just that great.

Ensuring a strong beginning with Gouge Away, the four gleefully played through half their repertoire and left me breathless start to finish. If they played anything else, I probably would have been forced to settle down and build a home in the crowded venue and the sick part is, I would have enjoyed it. Not known for their audience interaction, Calgary’s performance wasn’t exactly ground breaking in that sense. But despite feeling quite ignored, I found myself enamored with the faces behind the albums I’ve come to know and love. By the time River Euphrates came around, I was in too big of a trance to care. The crowd did manage to surprise me, though. When the group’s most famous track Where Is My Mind began playing, actual lighters came out and I quickly shoved my android app down in shame. One thing is certain – the Pixies haven’t lost their magic and alternative rock is alive and well. Fingers crossed these legends stay active for years to come.

The Pixies Online (“Women of War” Free Download at their Site)


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