LETALLIS: NYC Progressive/Death Metal Entity Independently Releases Second Album

LETALLISNew York City-based metal outfit, LETALLIS, has just independently released the band’s second full-length album, Resonate, which is now available for free download (name your price – Vandala Magazine always promotes supporting artists)  worldwide with a physical edition to follow shortly.

Closing a six-year gap since the band’s 2008-released debut album, The World AwakenedLETALLIS now boldly returns with the most ambitious material yet, in Resonate. While the debut album featured a full lineup, this time guitarist Jake Calonius took over all production duties, executing all of the songwriting, the delivery of the vocals, guitars, bass, and drum programming, while also handling the recording, mixing and mastering duties except the vocals, which were recorded by Matt Conlon. The ambitious Resonate captures LETALLIS‘ epic and melodic yet crushing style, blending elements metalcore with death and progressive metal, with over an hour of brand new material. While some of the tracks take a more vicious approach, other passages of the record emanate very organic and atmospheric qualities, forming a diverse album that fans of Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, The Black Dahlia Murder, Revocation and Inanimate Existence can immediately relate to. The vibrant cover art was created by Jeremy Kiraly.

While a CD version of Resonate is in manufacturing for release in the coming weeks, LETALLIS has self-released the album via BandCamp where the album is now streaming in full and available as a name-your-price download now; get yours RIGHT HERE.

A fresh juncture in LETALLIS‘ lineagewill soon be made apparent, as Calonius is currently reforming a new live lineup in preparation of taking the songs from Resonate to stages across the region and beyond in 2015. News of this new stage of the band will be announced in the months ahead.


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