HOLY OKER To Release Diamond Ep & Releases Video for Title Track

Holy-Oker-Synth-hooks and catchy choruses – a fragile voice and heartfelt lyrics, blended together unexpectedly to mask the tender core of heartache, with a cheerful outer shell. With this, Greg Bevis, aka Holy Oker, creates a unique juxtaposition of pain and optimism on his debut EP, Diamonds, set for release on November 18th via Boompa Records. The six-song EP effortlessly combines infectious melodies and beats with emotional lyrics, which shine through on the deeply personal title track. Listen to Diamonds here, and watch the video (produced in co-operation with MuchFACT), which premiered today on Much.ca. Pre-order the EP on iTunes and get an immediate download of the single, Diamonds.

Holy Oker, the solo project of drummer/singer/songwriter Greg Bevis, taps into universal emotions, yet reveals them in Bevis’ own unique and flawed way. Acoustic guitar, vinyl samples, synth bass and live drums provide the dramatic backdrop for his understated and broken voice, on the Diamonds EP, which was recorded, performed and produced by Bevis, Andrew Mullin, and Andrew Kesler.

“I’m completely obsessed with dichotomy and contrast in music and art,” says Bevis. “Electronic sounds overtop orchestral arrangements, sunny melodies hiding dark lyrics, scary cartoons meant for little kids.”

The lead single, Diamonds, explores the naive addiction of young love, and the quiet suffering that comes with its loss. It’s a deeply personal story that invites the listener in with familiar hooks and airtight songwriting, slowly revealing the source of the song’s struggle in a final word, “Ava”.

Bevis continues, “The Diamonds video explores a young woman who lives in one world but longs to be in another. She transitions to the new world and finds that it’s not what she thought it was going to be, and she’s lost the place she came from. She is left in the rubble of her crumbling and imagined future that was never meant to be – wondering what happened.”



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