Bruce Cockburn’s Rumours Of Glory

Bruce CockburnRumours Of Glory, the long–awaited memoir from legendary singer–songwriter Bruce Cockburn, will be published on November 4, 2014. Announced early in September, True North Records is proud to release Rumours Of Glory, a 9–disc audio/video box set collection, curated from the pages of the coming autobiography by Bruce Cockburn.

In addition to 8 discs of audio — 7 discs of music that follow the narrative of Cockburn’s memoirs and a disc of rare and unreleased material — the collection features his first–ever concert DVD, directed by Joel Goldberg and brought to you by the producers of Pacing The Cage, the 2013 Cockburn documentary.

We asked Goldberg to share his experience working on the DVD for this glimpse into the box set, read his thoughts about filming Cockburn on tour in the U.S. in 2008:

“After working on the documentary Pacing The Cage for four years, we found that there was a lot of amazing performance material left on the editing room floor. The performances — from Bruce’s Slice O Life tour in 2008 — were incredible, highlighting his intricate guitar work and performance abilities as well as presenting a nice representation of his catalogue of work throughout the years. And it was just Bruce on stage, solo, acoustic … live!

“Working with Anjay Feldano and the editors at Scarlett Street Films we decided to go black and white for the performances, with the venue locations separated by the ‘on the road’ Super 8 mm film shots from the documentary. We felt that the B&W captured the energy and intensity of Bruce’s performances and gave a consistency to the look and feel of the film, and the Super 8 shots heightened the feeling of travel that happens between venues … it gave the performances a feeling of intimacy for the viewer, almost that Bruce is doing a special performance for them from the screen.

“We made sure that whenever possible to have close up shots of his guitar work, which is unbelievable at times. You shake your head when you realize that this symphony is coming out of one guitar, and you lose any sense of number of cameras, etc. and just marvel at Bruce’s talent. I’m very happy with the results. It was an honour to work with Bruce, Bernie [Finkelstein] and True North on two of the most important projects I’ve ever been connected with.”
All of us at True North Records are very proud of this box set. If you haven’t already, pre–order and reserve a copy of Rumours Of Glory for you or the Cockburn fan or your Christmas list.


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