Sweden’s MOONBABIES Double Single Release “Chorus/Raindrops”

MoonbabiesIt can be difficult to determine the quality of one’s creations. But it’s an easy task for Ola Frick in Moonbabies.
When I make music I know it’s good if I can see it in colours, he says. When I wrote ”Chorus” it bursted into colours and it had nothing to do with drugs!
Feverish dreams, pulse and 80’s nostalgia are some of the ingredients in the new double a-side single ”Chorus/Raindrops” by Moonbabies. The duo, which consists of Carina Johansson and Ola Frick, was formed in 1997. Since then they’ve released four albums and their music has been played in several american tv-series and commercials.

– The lyrics are about the state of feverish dreams, when they are so intense and real that you either wake up, scream or cry, says Carina about ”Raindrops”. This dream was about meeting people who have moved on, an escape from something unknown in your childhood and about an unconscious fear of your lover’s true feelings.

”Chorus/Raindrops” is released on september 5th at .
LISTEN TO “Chorus” och “Raindrops” ON SOUNDCLOUD:


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