SUBVERSIONS New Music Video for Track “Revelation”

SUBVERSIONRogue Records America is pleased to announce the release of the new music video for the track ‘Revelation’ by SUBVERSION.  The track is cut from the band’s FREE Transcend EP (get it here). Check out the music video here:

‘Revelation’ was shot in a remote studio shoot at the Britz School and edited by fans of the band, ‘Revelation’ shows the band in prime performance mode.

Edit & Cinematography by Eren Kaplan
Pre-production & Additional Camera – Leila Mcyntre
Production Manager & Additional Camera – Sarah Nicholls

SUBVERSION is a five-piece experimental metal band from Kent in the UK. Born of the mind of Kai Giritli (guitars, clean vocals) in 2008, SUBVERSION features hard hitting aggro-vocals from Karl Harrigan, Kai’s hook filled clean vocals and guitar riffs that sway from heavy groove to epic melody, and extremely tight percussion from Ben Atkinson. Dabbling in the arts of odd time signatures combined with huge thought-inducing soundscapes; this band is not afraid to push the boundaries of modern music and move away from the norm of any genre.

For more on SUBVERSION or other ROGUE RECORDS AMERICA artists.


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